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wayne boggs

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An entire life devoted to service, career and his unrivaled love of aviation.



In January 2004 Wayne G. Boggs retired for the Federal Aviation Adminstration (FAA) with 40 total years of combined Federal service to the United States of America. The first 10 years serving in the United States Marine Corp (USMC). His last  30 years in the FAA air traffic control industry.


Attended Oklahoma City University

Completed the Senior Executive

Service Training with the FAA

Taught Air Traffic Ccontrol at

FAA Academy in Oklahoma City

Manager of Numerous Towers within the FAA



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how it all started


Wayne's love of aviation began at a a young age and now has over 3000 hours as private pilot. His mother served as a Women's Auxiliary Servic Pilot (WASP) during WWII. Her profession had a profound effect on his devotion to aviation. Wayne restored and currently flies the same type of plane (shown below), a 1942 Fairchild PT-19 his mother used to instruct other pilots at the Embry Riddle.






Wayne worked as an air traffic controller at Chicago O'Hare Terminal Radar Approach Control (C90), taught at the FAA Academy (FAAAC) and served as the Chief of Staff for the Air Traffic Systems Requirements Directorate in Washington, D.C.





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For over 20 years, Wayne is the owner of  Air Boss & Consulting International Inc. for 12 years and  has performed Air Boss duties and is currently the man in charge for several big air shows in 2015. He is currently on the Board of Directors and is the Air Boss for the Warbirds of America at Oshkosh, WI.


As the Air Boss, Wayne assists in the production and execution of approximately 18-25   air shows per year and is why he is recognized as one of the top Air Bosses in the county. Wayne also teaches advanced Air Boss courses and Air Boss for the International Council of Airshow convention (ICAS).





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our co-pilot



James Tucciarone an Independent Air Boss James is also a member of ICAS. James (Tucc) is a highly skilled and well respected Air Boss who is hired by Air Boss and Consulting. James represents  Air Boss and Consulting while working under contract with the air show producers.


Commonly known as “TUCC” in the air show business, Jim Tucciarone worked his first airshow as an Air Boss in 1980 in Gary, Indiana.  He is retired from the Federal Aviation Administration after 35 years in Air Traffic Control where he was a controller, an Air Traffic Manager of four major facilities, and notably a 10 year veteran controller of Oshkosh where he became enamored with the Air Show Business.


He now works air shows from Alaska to Florida, Massachusetts to Texas. He resides in Ohio, the birthplace of Aviation, just outside Cleveland. He worked in support of the Summer Olympics, the Super Bowl, the Light Sport Aviation Fly-In and was on the committee for the Gathering of Mustangs, the Last Roundup. He continues to provide temporary tower services with Wayne Boggs when required.  He is a veteran of Civilian and Military Airshows. He supports EAA Air Venture at Oshkosh and Sun-n-Fun in Lakeland and is very grateful to Wayne for his continuing friendship and support.



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